LexaDerm® EQ Testimonials

"I have used your LexaDerm® EQ product on several of our patients that have sustained significant wounds. I have been impressed with the wound healing that I was able to accomplish with your product. Three of these patients had wounds in which MRSA had been isolated. Usually these wounds heal very slowly despite topical antimicrobial therapy. The application of LexaDerm® to these wounds not only reduced the healing time but also allowed these wounds to heal cosmetically. LexaDerm® EQ is a product that veterinairians need to take a closer look at for use in their veterinary practice."

Nathan M Slovis DMV, Dipl. ACVIM

"I have used DextraDerm (original name of LexaDerm® EQ) on three incisions that had been minimally responsive to prolonged intravenous and oral antimicrobial therapy. All three incisions were culture positive for both gram positive and negative bacteria. Two of the three incisions were also positive for Methacillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. I have been thoroughly impressed with LexaDerm® EQ. Two of the three incisions have healed completely. One incision has also improved dramatically since initiating therapy."

Katherine Cole MacGillivray VMD Diplomate ACVIM

"I recently had a TB filly cut her hock badly. I could slip my hand under the skin flap and I expected it to take a long tim to heal. I decided to try the LexaDerm® EQ sample I had on hand to wrap it up with ReWrap bandages I was already using on another hock injury. The bandage stayed in place to protect the wound and the ointment lived up wo its reputation. I saw immediate improvement after a couple bandage changes and was suprised by how quickly it was healing. After just 7 days it was less that half the original size. Now less than 3 weeks later it has nearly healed. I woiuld call the results remarkable! I highly recommend both products. I also use your bandages for breezing at the track and they really last."

Bruce Snipes, Developer of the CORTA-FLX Products