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Healthy Hoof™

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Healthy Hoof™ is a pelleted dietary supplement that promotes optimal
hoof health, growth and maintenance. Healthy Hoof™ can reduce the
negative effects of exercise that can cause soreness and pain.

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Healthy Hoof™ can help:

  • Grow Strong, Healthy Hooves
  • Reduce the negative effects of rigorous exercise (inflammation and pain)
  • Protect against injury and disease in the hoof
  • Improve healing and damaged feet.

Healthy Hoof™ isn’t your usual hoof supplement! For many years it has been recognized that the horse’s foot has special nutritional requirements for optimal growth and the rigors of exercise. Domestic horses have been removed from their natural environment and their diet has drastically changed to suit the needs of their owners. Grazing has been in many cases replaced completely or in part by high concentrate feeds and hay. Confinement, rapid growth, rigorous exercise and shoeing have created special needs.

Healthy Hoof™ contains the very best ingredients necessary to meet these needs. Vitamins, minerals, biotin, fatty acids and more found in normal supplements are also found in Healthy Hoof™.

The similarity ends here!

Healthy Hoof™ is the latest addition to The Complete Hoof Health Solution from Equine Health Care Solutions. It is the only hoof supplement containing LamiGard®. This is a unique formulation that has been demonstrated to not only improve hoof health but also aid in the recovery from diseases and injuries of the hoof and one of the most serious causes of loss of use and life in horses and ponies; laminitis.

For more information about Healthy Hoof™ and the product ingredients, please download our brochure.

 All Equine Health Care Solutions Products contain no ingredients known to violate current regulations of the FEI, the Jockey Club or other governing bodies related to equine performance.

I have two mares that I board on our farm for two clients. One of these mares was a $300,000 yearling and was foundered while in training as a two year old and has been crippled for 7 years. The other mare had a tendon severed on her left leg and needless to say she foundered in her right leg compensating for her left leg.

When these two mares arrived we cleaned their feet up and cut out the abscesses and soaked their feet for 8 to 10 days. When we had the abscesses cleaned up, we proceeded to put shoes on both of them. As we were doing this I was told about your product, Healthy Hoof with Lamigard.

I ordered a container of the product and immediately put them both on it. I am and have been a farrier for over 30 years and have tried almost everything to help these kind of crippled horses. But, I am here to tell you that in about two weeks on Healthy Hoof the $300,000.00 yearling was walking and running with no sign of laminitis. The other mare had gone from laying around all the time to grazing & moving 90% of the day. All her sores have healed and she's gained probably 60 - 70 pounds in the last month.

I have worked on several hundred horses like these in the last 30 years and I am telling you that Healthy Hoof with LamiGard is truly an answer for helping to restore healthy feed to horses with laminitis. 

Ted Griffith
Coleman, Oklahoma


We started a bad footed horse on Healthy Hoof. About a month later, without me prompting him the farrier commented that the horse was much improved.

Pug Hart, DVM


I am in love with Healthy Hoof, it has done amazing things for my horse! He was on again off again lame due to thin soles and all around bad feet; but since he has been on Healthy Hoof he hasn't taken so much as a funny step. Because of how effective it is, I started looking around at the other products W2W offers. W2W products seem to REALLY work and have extremely noticeable results. I am so grateful to my farrier, Michael Bongers, for suggesting your products. He was dead right about how beneficial healthy hoof would be for my horse.

Sarah C. Hibel
Miami, Florida

For more information about Healthy Hoof™ and the product ingredients, please download our brochure.