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For use in Horses and Ponies Prone to Laminitis

LamiGard® Rx Paste and LamiGard™ Pellets were developed and are manufactured in the U.S. for use in horses and ponies prone to laminitis. It is available in two forms: an oral paste available to veterinarians and a maintenance oral pelleted supplement.

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LamiGard™ RX Paste  144.26 USD

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Some of the important ingredients in LamiGard® Rx include:

  1. DL-Methionine: Essential sulfur containing amino acid
  2. L-Glutathione: Antioxident tripeptide
  3. Biotin: Water soluble B complex vitamin
  4. Folic Acid: B9 or Folacin
  5. D-Alpha Tocopherol: Antioxident organic compound with Vitamin E activity

Some of the positive effects of the ingredients LamiGard® Rx include the following:

  1. Strong anti-oxidant activity
  2. Improves circulation to the feet
  3. Decreases liver damage due to circulating toxins resulting from damage to the feet (and other tissues) greatly improving the body’s ability to cope with toxic insult
  4. Sulfur provided to the body that is essential for the production certain amino acids, hoof wall and connective tissue development
  5. Active anti-inflammatory/analgesic effects
  6. Protects cells from toxins such as free radicals and stabilize cell walls
  7. Co-enzyme activity to combine with toxic substances for excretion via the kidneys
  8. Insulin production stimulated in the pancreas improving glucose utilization and decreasing hyperglycemia (particularly important in decompensated insulin resistant ponies and certain horses)
  9. Decreases pulse pressure in the foot
  10. Decreases damage to arteries and clot formation
  11. Enhances immune function

For more information about LamiGard™, please download our brochure

All Equine Health Care Solutions Products contain no ingredients known to violate current regulations of the FEI, the Jockey Club or other governing bodies related to equine performance.

I've been using LamiGard on my miniature horse BABE for almost a year now.  She had two severe laminitis episodes before going on LamiGard.  Since being on the supplement, limited grass turn out and farrier work she is doing wonderful.  Thank you.  

Pam D.


I have a horse farm in New Hampshire and am lucky to have nice pastures for turn out. However, one spring a few years ago, one of my horses became sore in her front feet due to eating the lush spring grass. We immediately pulled her off the grass, called the vet, and procedures were begun to prevent any serious complications. I had heard about Dr. Cavey's LamiGard pellets and called him to learn more about this product. Dr. Cavey was very nice and took time to listen to my story.

After talking to him, I immediately began my mare on his product. I was very pleased with the results. My mare recovered quickly from her soreness and was soon well enough to go back to the pasture with her buddies. I kept her on the pellets that year until the snow began to fall and resumed treatment the following spring. I have had no further issues with this mare and I have decided to put another of my horses on this product during pasture time.

I have personally seen the results of this product and even my vet is impressed. I will continue to use the LamiGard pellets and highly recommend them to other horse owners. 

Debbie Paules
Peterbourgh, N.H.


A sport horse I am treating had such severe laminitis that we could not pick up his feet for x-rays to determine if sinking or rotation had occured. After two weeks of treatment with LamiGard paste he had progressed to the point where we could take x-rays. We discovered he was sinking but he was able to be turned out in a small paddock and was walking without pain. Thank you for the introduction to LamiGard.

Jayson Layfield, DVM


I decided to try Lamigard after exhausting every other avenue (change of diet, acupuncture, supplements and herbs) for my daughters' pony who had chronic laminitis causing lameness over 4 years.

After bouts of acute founder yearly I tried her on Lamigard. Days later there was a marked improvement. After a couple of weeks she was sound. Within a year the laminitic rings on her hooves had decreased and she has been sound for 1 and a half years.

I have been so impressed with Lamigard that I have my clients who are international level Grand Prix show jumpers using it. Lamigard has improved the horses quality of hoof, growth and general health of hoof even for horses without founder. Horses stay sounder longer. I would recommend Lamigard for any horse, especially horses used for competition. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Robbie Bongers

For more information about LamiGard™, please download our brochure