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JointGard EQ™ Pellets and JointGard EQ 200 Liquid contain the key ingredients necessary for the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy joints and bone.

  • JointGard EQ contains a unique formulation of micro-sized nutrients comparable to the active Ingredients of GLUCOSAMINE - MSM - CHONDROITIN, with 200 mg of a low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (plant based) per ounce and a highly concentrated formula including trace mineral complexes, micronutrients, and essential amino acids needed for active growing, pregnant, performance and aging horses and ponies.
  • The oral supplements in JointGard EQ are readily absorbed in the gut and utilized at the cellular level.
  • JointGard EQ™ provides the advantage of choice of liquid and pelleted formulations allowing the owner to use whichever is most convenient and best accepted by their horse. One size doesn’t always fit all. In addition the high concentration of nutrients allows for easier transport, storage and use by the horse owner.
  • The highly palatable liquid can be top dressed on feed or given by syringe (for sick animals and finicky eaters). The specially designed 1/2 oz. pump makes accurate dosing simple with no mess. The alfalfa based pellets can be top dressed on feed (1/2 oz. per day for a normal adult horse) using the scoop provided.

For more information about JointGard EQ™ and the product ingredients, please download our brochure.

All Equine Health Care Solutions Products contain no ingredients known to violate current regulations of the FEI, the Jockey Club or other governing bodies related to equine performance.


Uncle Mo, who just won the Grade 1 Champagne Stakes at Belmont in his 2nd start, grew up on our farm. All of our foals of 2008 were on Jointgard, and we continue that program today. We're not saying that Jointgard made Uncle Mo as fast as he is, but he was a trouble free foal. Congratulations to Mike Repole, Todd Pletcher and their team.

D. Michael Cavey - Breeder of Uncle Moe
Respite Farm, Paris, KY


Town & Country Farm has been using JointGard for the past 2 years and by using JointGard, we have seen fewer instances in OCD lesions and sesamoiditis in our yearlings.

Sonny Werneth -Farm Manager
Town & Country Farm, Paris, KY


I had a 9 year old Oldenburg/thoroughbred cross come to my show barn that was showing at HITS, in Ocala, but was sore behind. I put her on JointGard 200 liquid and she was noticeably more comfortable within 3 days. After a week of being on the product she was sent back to the owners to have her hocks injected. When she came back to me for training and sales I noticed no appreciable difference . I saw the difference after the use of the JointGard Liquid.

Ali - Orlando, FL

For more information about JointGard EQ™ and the product ingredients, please download our brochure.