About SilvaPlex®

Wire2Wire Vet Products is the exclusive distribution agent for SilvaPlex and SilvaPlex products, manufactured in Sandston, VA by AG Essence.

The experience of AG ESSENCE in the areas animal and personal care and environmental cleaning is both traditional and visionary. It requires dedication and innovative talent to develop world class personal care solutions. AG ESSENCE has all of these qualities and more.

All Silvaplex products are manufactured from natural biodegradable raw materials that have been Ecocert-approved.

SilvaPlex Spray and wound gel are homeopathic products (FDA Registered,) manufactured under FDA GMP guidelines and regulations. AG Essence is a registered Drug facility and a registered drug supplement facility with the FDA.

Wire 2 Wire Vet Products, LLC was started in 2005 with the goal to develop unique products to improve animal health care. We concentrate on creating and bringing to market new products that are substantially different from what was previously available. While many of our products are useful across the animal world our concentration is on equine, companion animals, and the cattle industry.

We are proud to market quality and unique products to animal health professionals and animal owners.

The owners of W2W are horsemen and veterinarians who have a long and experience in the animal business.  We only market products that we have used on our own animals.

AG ESSENCE’s Chief Chemist Bill Wingfield along with his collaborators, have been formulating personal care products and environmental cleaners since 1987. They also have great concern about Mother Earth and her importance in our life. Their experience and innovative ideas have been the key for our success.

Healthy Healing

SilvaPlex® contains 200 parts per million of silver. These are naturally derived, non-toxic and animal safe products providing Immune Support, Wound and Skin care.

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Why SilvaPlex Topical For Woundcare & Healthy Coats?

What makes SilvaPlex so unique?

It’s the next generation Chitosan silver and patented ComplexAg21™ that makes the difference.

SilvaPlex is a safer, more effective product in a category that has remained stagnant for far too long. Animal and medical professionals prefer to use products that are naturally derived, non-toxic and child-safe. SilvaPlex is the one product containing all the ingredients to match these desired properties.

  • SilvaPlex Throat Spray

    SilvaPlex Throat Spray provides veterinarians, horse professionals, and pet owners a natural solution to respiratory challenges.It can be used as a throat spray, or with a nebulizer such as Flexineb

  • SilvaPlex Woundcare

    SilvaPlex Woundcare was created for the topical treatment of cuts, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns and is available as a gel or a spray. The naturally derived, non-toxic formula is free of odor, alcohol and Triclosan. Upon application, SilvaPlex forms a protective antimicrobial  layer to provide a moist wound environment.

  • SilverWorks Shampoo

    SilverWorks™ Shampoo is pH balanced; regular use maintains your animal’s (dog, cat, horse, livestock) natural oils, promotes healthy skin and a vibrant coat. The unique Chitosan compound protects your animal against infections and fungus, and can reduce the incidence of itchy, flaky skin. SilverWorks is like a health spa in a bottle.