SilvaPlex® FAQs

Why should I try SilvaPlex®?

There are many good and not so good Topical Wound Care products available today.  Most of them were created in the first half of the 1900’s.  This is not bad, however, it is time to take advantage of the numerous technological advances of the 21st Century.  SilvaPlex®products are safer and provide a moist antimicrobial wound environment.  We represent an evolutionary change in Topical Wound Care healing.

Colloidal Silver vs. Chitosan SilvaPlex® Silver?

Colloidal silver contains particles of various sizes whose electrical charges keep them suspended in liquid.  They may contain other materials like salts and proteins and may be unstable. Ionic silver is composed of cationic (positively charged) and anionic (negatively charged) particles and as a result possesses a neutral charge overall, but the silver may form compounds with other materials making them unpredictable. Our silver product, Silvaplex®,  is a chelated coordination complex. The chelation process (bonding of ions and molecules to metal ions) of using the strongest natural fruit acid, citric acid, in an aqueous (water) solution chelates the silver oxide and the result is a coordination complex which consists of the central silver ion surrounded by the polydentate ligands (multiple attachments) of the citric acid.  The silver ion is bound to the multiple complexing citric acid forming stable covalent bonding pairs of electrons. Our patented Silvaplex® ChelatedSilver, manufactured in an FDA Inspected facility, is evenly distributed in solution, stable and therefore more effective than colloidal or ionic silver.

Is SilvaPlex® safe?

SilvaPlex is engineered to be non-toxic and non-stinging.  It is made with all naturally derived ingredients.

What is the Secret to Silvaplex Spray and Gel®?

The secret to SilvaPlex® is the patented technology, COMPLEX Ag 21™. This proprietary Chitosan-Silver chelation allows SilvaPlex® spray and gel to attach to the wound like a magnet and form a protective antimicrobial layer for a moist wound environment.

What is Chitosan?

Our Chitosan is a natural polymer derived from mushrooms.

The silver is processed to bond to the chitosan. The biodegradable film of the chitosan is cationic (positively charged), which naturally bonds with anionic (negatively charged) human skin. The result is an effective skin protective layer that is naturally eliminated as we shed skin cells.

Is Silver Safe?

Silver is a natural antimicrobial and has been used for centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria without the high toxicity to animals that is normally associated with some other metals. Since ancient times silver has been highly regarded both as a versatile healing tool and a means to prevent spoilage.

Before the discovery of synthetic antibiotics and antibacterial drugs in the early 20th century, conventional medical doctors used silver medicines to treat many serious medical conditions.  Since about 1980 silver has been used to prevent infections in many implanted medical devices including intravascular catheters, urological catheters and vascular grafts.

Why Silver?

Silver has a long history in human health care. It has been developed for use in water purification, wound care, bone prostheses, and re-constructive surgery. Silver has been proven against antibiotic-resistant germ strains, which is why silver is used as a preservative.

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