Very Easy to Use

  • The most important aspect about Flexineb® is the fact that it is a self-contained, very easy to use and tolerated brilliantly by horses. Hence you're unlikely to get treatment failure with such a simple and effective product.

    Richard H.

Improved Quality of Life

  • SilvaPlex Wound Gel has greatly improved my cat’s quality of life.  The CBD in the salve soothes the itching and calms him.

    Katie P.


  • Thank you for being SO accommodating on the purchase of the Flexineb. I was advised by my trainer to purchase the Flexineb because my racehorse had a lung issue after of a recent races. I purchased the Flexineb and it was on the doorstep the next day. When I opened the box it was like Christmas ( for my horse but felt like it was for me.) The packaging and the case the Flexineb came in was amazing! The case has several SilvaPlex products in it along with a charged battery and a set of cups. My  horse ran back in  3 weeks after his problem and he won; THANK YOU Flexineb & SilvaPlex!!

    Claudia A.

Loved it!

  • We used the Silverworks Shampoo for our 6-month-old havanese and absolutely loved it! The soap was gentle, lathered really well and washed off easily. Our pup now looks the cleanest he has ever looked. After his bath when we took him for a walk a group of people asked if he was a show dog!

    Havanese Puppy

Absolutely Amazed

  • I am absolutely amazed at how much my pony improved this winter since using the Flexineb

    Katie P.

Work well together

  • This is a comment on both Flexineb and Silvaplex. I think they work well together. One of my two-year-old race horses had an abscess on an arytenoid. We treated her with Silvaplex, using the Flexineb, and the abscess was cleared up quickly.

    Joe H.